This page collects news stories about IFLA Trend Report activities in the worldwide library community. Have you hosted a Trend Report event? Please report back to us.

Trend Report Discussions in Mexico City

Opening session, Trend Report discussion, Mexico City

On March 6th and 7th the first of a series of discussions titled “The IFLA Trend Report: scholarly and professional approaches,” took place in Mexico City.

Continued… | 31 March 2014

IFLA Trend Report presentation in Cuba

Under the Second International Special Libraries Workshop organized by the Marti Studies Center (CEM) and the Cuban Association of Librarians (ASCUBI), held in Havana, Cuba, from 20 to 22 November, Dr. Maria Elena Dorta- Duque(*), member of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section of Social Science Libraries, conducted a comprehensive presentation of the IFLA TRENDS REPORT, newly released at the International Conference of IFLA held in Singapore past August.

Continued… | 10 December 2013

IFLA Secretary General presents Trend Report in Finland

In September, IFLA Secretary General Jennefer Nicholson presented the IFLA Trend Report at the Nordic-Baltic Meeting 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. This was the first presentation of the Trend Report following launch at the World Library & Information Congress in Singapore.

Continued… | 26 November 2013

Changes to the Trend Report platform

Since launch of the IFLA Trend Report in August 2013, we've continued to work on ways to make the Trend Report platform most useful for the library and information services community. Since launch of the IFLA Trend Report in Singapore, more than 2,000 people have downloaded the Insights Document and presentations are already taking place in different countries around the world. The challenge now is to capture all of these great conversations taking place on the web platform, which is why we've created this News page.

Continued… | 26 November 2013