Without contributions from IFLA members around the world, the Trend Report will be just another static resource. We need you to carry on the discussion in your region, and share the results here on the Trend Report platform.

To assist you planning your own Trend Report related event, we've put together an event tool kit with promotional materials, information resources and presentation templates. We've also created an event calendar for you to post details of the event, and a news page for your photos, discussion outcomes, comments and updates - to keep the conversation going!

To get started,

  1. Choose a date and venue for your Trend Report discussion. Use the contact form on this website to let us know you're planning an event and we can add your event details to the event calendar.
  2. Start planning your discussion! To access materials in the event tool kit, you need to sign up with the platform. Behind the sign in, you'll find postcard and poster images for you to print and distribute to your attendees, template powerpoint presentations and a wealth of information resources to help you build your discussion themes and talking points.
  3. Promote your event using the #iflatrends hashtag on Twitter, and through our news page and facebook page.
  4. Utilise the discussion forum - is there a question you'd like event attendees to answer online, or a follow up conversation topic? The Discussion Forum can be a useful tool to host any centralised online components of your event.
  5. Report back! Take photos at your event, write a short blog post, storify your tweets or record the discussion. We'll upload or embed your discussion on the news page and promote it through the IFLA twitter and facebook pages.

If there's other ways we can make the Trend Report platform a useful resource for your region, please send us suggestions. We will continue to build on the platform to make the resources here as engaging and useful as possible.

Last page update: 8 October 2013