With the launch of the IFLA Trend Report platform and resources behind us, it's over to IFLA members to keep the conversation going! You can host a workshop or a seminar, include the IFLA Trends as an overarching theme at your next conference, or start a conversation on Twitter using the #iflatrends hashtag.

Most importantly, please share the outcomes of your discussions with us here on the Trend Report platform. The platform is designed to bring together outcomes from all the varied conversations around the world. You can write a quick news item, or contribute to the discussion forum, and contribute on social media using the #iflatrends hashtag or through our facebook page

We've created some tools and key steps to assist you planning your IFLA Trends event:

  • Tool kit: If you have signed up to access the full platform, you can access postcard and poster files, template powerpoint slides and workshop templates, as well as the discussion forum to continue conversations with your workshop participants
  • Events page: register your event on the Trend Report platform, and we can promote it using the #iflatrends hashtag.  Please contact us to register an event
  • Guide to hosting an event: utilising the discussion forum, news page and social media to promote your event
  • Report back - write a brief blog post for the IFLA Trend Report news page (this step is really important)

Get thinking and planning your next event on information trends and their impact on libraries. Contact us with any questions.  We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


Last page update: 13 October 2015