This 2016 update report has been commissioned by IFLA to analyse and share the results of three years of intensive debate and discussion across the international library community. These wide-ranging conversations were triggered by the launch of the original IFLA Trend Report in August 2013 at the World Library & Information Congress in Singapore.

In 2013, the IFLA Trend Report identified five high level trends which are in the process of transforming our global information environment. These evolving developments spanned access to information, education, privacy, new forms of digital engagement and technological transformation. Deliberately conceived to embody more than a stationary snapshot of detected trends, the IFLA Trend Report was designed to serve as a catalyst for wider discussion, analysis and action across the international library community.

Since August 2013 the IFLA Trend Report has been translated in to 14 languages and has triggered over 60 discussion events in 30 countries in Africa, Asia & Oceania, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean and North America.

The update also fulfils the original mission of the Report to be just the starting point for ongoing reflection. It highlights questions which were barely on the horizon in 2013, such as Blockchain technologies or 3D printing, as well as underlining the importance of redefining the role of libraries, ensuring investment in skills and improving coordination in the sector.

The Trend Report Bibliography has also been updated with 60 new resources.

We encourage IFLA Members to take a look, to use the update for organising their own debates, and to let us know where your discussions take you.


Last page update: 25 January 2018