When your phone, your car and your wristwatch know where you are at all times – who runs your life?

The evolution of new technologies is the connector between all other information trends, and underpins many IFLA Trend Report discussions.

The proliferation of hyper-connected mobile devices, networked sensors in appliances and infrastructure, 3D printing and language-translation technologies are transforming the global information economy. Existing business models across many industries will experience creative disruption spurred by innovative devices that help people remain economically active later in life from any location.

Automated language translation is just one technology having a profound impact on access to information, cross-border communications and cultural engagement. With advancements in machine translation and availability of internet access, potentially any book in any language could be available to a user, regardless of their location. What impacts will this have on libraries? Sign up and follow the discussion in Riding the Waves or Caught in the Tide: Insights from the IFLA Trend Report.

Last page update: 13 August 2013