by Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications — published in 2011

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■ In Japan, Telework (telecommuting etc. that uses ICT), which can improve labor productivity and realize a flexible working environment matched to each individual's lifestyle, is requested because of the population decrease coupled with the acceleration of the declining birthrate and the growing proportion of elderly people. Telework can enable a flexible way that might not cause restrictions of the place and time to work, and it will lead to a work life with a good balance among work, child care and nursing.
■ It is expected that there will be, “Seven million home teleworkers by 2015” in the “New ICT Strategy (June 2010, the IT strategy headquarters)" in Japan.
■ This presentation explains the MIC’s efforts concerning telework system experiments and the major movements of government and enterprises after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11,2011.

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