by Royal Society of Edinburgh — published in 2014

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Digital participation has become, in recent years, a growing policy focus. There have been a number of welcome developments and initiatives in Scotland. However, this activity must be part of a bigger picture: a strategic approach that will make the most of digital technologies in all sectors, while ensuring that no-one is left behind.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh, as an independent and impartial body with access to a broad range of expertise, is well placed to take such a rounded view. This Inquiry, launched in February 2013, has gathered a wealth of evidence from across Scotland and across sectors. The Report sets out a comprehensive overview of the current use of digital technologies in Scotland, the barriers to increased participation, and the responsibilities of a digital society. It makes recommendations, to the UK and Scottish Governments and their private and third sector partners, on the steps to be taken to harness digital technologies for maximum benefit. We hope that this evidence base and these recommendations continue to inform the development of policy and activity in Scotland.

NGOs, Political/Regulatory/Legal, Social, Economic, Technological, digital inclusion, digital literacy, skills, e-government, e-health, e-learning, empowerment, mobile, access to information