by Silke Boos and Hartmut Mueller — published in 2009

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Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology, FH Mainz
University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Administrations of mega cities face multiple challenges including informal settlements and air and water pollution control. Adequate mega city management requires a wellfunctioning spatial data infrastructure (SDI). The objective of this article is to evaluate
the results of a comprehensive internet search concerning the use of spatial information technology in currently existing mega cities. The search starts from a nationwide view on the execution and the progress status of SDIs in the home countries of mega
cities and zooms in to the specific aspects of spatial data management in the metropolitan areas of special interest. We conclude that current SDI development in mega cities covers the whole range from first stage conceptual ideas up to an almost complete
operational SDI availability.

Academic sector, Technological, development, infrastructure, mega cities