by Accenture — published in 2016

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Understanding where to make those investments to realize the greatest improvement in gross domestic product is the subject of recent analysis by Accenture Strategy and Oxford Economics. We found that high-performing economies could realize better returns from the optimal combination of investments in digital skills, digital technologies and digital accelerators. For example, business and policy leaders may have invested heavily in digital technologies, but have neglected to prepare for the workforce of the future. Our modelling shows how the smarter use of digital skills, technologies and other assets could boost productivity and generate US$2 trillion of additional economic output by 2020.

In this way, digital investments can act as a growth multiplier in the coming years. Take the United States where adjustments in investments in digital skills, digital technologies and digital accelerators in line with our calculations could see the nation increase its gross domestic product by 2.1 percent—which equates to US$421 billion in 2020.

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