by World Eonomic Forum — published in 2007

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To understand how the Digital Ecosystem could plausibly evolve in the coming 10 years, we need to look at the critical uncertainties and those factors shaping the ecosystem’s evolution. Broadband adoption, technological advances and decreased operating costs have pushed the IT, Telecommunications and Media and Entertainment industries into a period of great flux. As they converge, they are forming a space we could call the Digital Ecosystem. This emerging Digital Ecosystem is generating many risks and challenges for government policies, as well as presenting new opportunities for creating social and economic value. Just as any healthy ecosystem enables its stakeholders to interact to the benefit of all, a healthy Digital Ecosystem will simultaneously enable its commercial participants to create economic value and deliver well-being to society. The critical uncertainties we focus on are user empowerment, market structure, market regulation, Intellectual Property Rights, security and privacy.

NGOs, Political/Regulatory/Legal, Economic, Technological, digital ecosystem, trend forecast, internet governance, empowerment, market structure, IPR, security, privacy