by International Atomic Energy Agency — published in 2008

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This report was prepared by the IAEA Secretariat in answer to two questions I raised: “What kind of IAEA will the world need in the timeframe up to the year 2020 and beyond?” and “How can the IAEA best fulfil that need?”. The report describes the current work of the Agency and then — on the basis of best technical judgement and expected trends — suggests future priorities.
The use of nuclear power and other nuclear applications for meeting basic human needs is likely to expand in the 2020 timeframe. The world will rightly expect all nuclear activities to be as safe as possible. The human and financial costs of nuclear safety, security and proliferation related events can be incalculable in their impact and scale — so efforts to reduce risks and mitigate consequences represent money well spent. And efforts to help relieve hunger, combat disease and raise the living standards of the poor are key to improve human security. It is, perhaps, in this light that the longer term future of the IAEA should best be viewed.

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